Officina Musicale - - Castelllana Grotte - Bari - Puglia - Italy
  • Officina Musicale is a studio that competes on today’s national scene, boasting a long series of music productions and live shows.

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Officina Musicale - Recording Studios - Castellana Grotte - Puglia - Italy


Our recording studio is placed in Castellana Grotte (BA) and It was chosen by dozens of artists like Checco Zalone, Erica Mou and many others.

Officina 5.1 - Post production audio studios in Rome - Italy


Officina 5.1 is a professional studio of audio post production that works for Cinema and Television.

Bed&Rec - Bed and Rec - Officina Musicale


“The first tourist recording studio in Italy”: an innovative recording and travel service addressed to Italian and foreign bands.

San Leo Music Fest by Officina Musicale


Best contemporary black music live expressions in the beautiful location of the old town of Castellana Grotte.

Our brief history

The birth

Officina Musicale is a recording studio and much more. It was born from an idea of Giuseppe Saponari, Giuseppe Mariani and Paolo Iannattone as a recording studio that, since 2006, has had a romantic yet concrete goal to encourage talents.

Officina musicale - Panorama esterna
Presentazione Bed&Rec - Officina Musicale

The Bed&Rec project

In 2010, Bed&Rec project became real. It joins audio recording with the vocation for tourism in Puglia. A new work experience in the recording studio, combining business with pleasure.

The growth

Officina Musicale hires other two professional figures in order to have a fully qualified staff: Francesco Saponari, production and project manager specialized in live shows, and Vincenzo Tangorra, booking agent and artist manager.

Moog - Officina Musicale

A great year

The creative container of Officina Musicale keeps on growing up: Dionisio Beatrice, graphic designer and communication expert.

Officina 5.1 was born in Rome

The studios of Officina Musicale grow and evolve. In a building of 250 square meters at the foot of an ancient Roman aqueduct inside a former mill, we have created a new reality in Rome: Officina 5.1, a professional post production audio studio that works for the Cinema and Television industry.

The indoor of Officina 5.1 in Rome

The transformation still goes on

Many independent realities that work closely and under one roof. The co-working space of Officina Musicale is enriched with one more professional figure: the copywriter Antonello Minoia.

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