• Officina Musicale is a 200 sqm studio and is composed by: control room, one vocal booth, two recording rooms visually connected and different by dimensions and materials used.

Made here

  • The architecture of the studio is designed to identify each room with different audio responses, using different materials and map organization for every space, giving a comprehensive service for sound and comfort.

Studio equipment

  • The rooms of Officina Musicale are also wired for video equipment connection, transforming the studio into an ideal set for back stage shooting or for recording of your own live video.

Officina Musicale was chosen by

Federica Abbruzzese 6tet - I wish Wonder ful Jazz

Federica Abbruzzese 6tet – I wish Wonder ful Jazz

Dire Straits Legacy - Studio Session Officina Musicale

Dire Straits Legacy

AcomeAndromeda - Studio Session - Officina Musicale


Giovanni Falzone - Studio Session - Officina Musicale

Giovanni Falzone

Maurogiovanni, Di Modugno, Liberti - Studio Session - Officina Musicale

Maurogiovanni, Di Modugno, Liberti